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Hyperhidrosis Injection Specialists for Excessive Sweating in Melbourne

Hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating, can be a significant challenge for individuals who experience it. Even though sweating excessively poses no health risks, it can have terrible effects on your self-esteem, interpersonal connections, and quality of life. Moreover, some patients think getting rid of it with clinical-strength antiperspirants may be effective against this extreme form of sweating. Unfortunately, it will last temporarily; the best way to reduce it is by getting hyperhidrosis treatment. 

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition defined by uncontrollable, excessive perspiration that goes above and beyond what is required to regulate body temperature. This disorder can cause high levels of sweating from the scalp, axilla (underarm area), palms of the hands, and soles of the feet, among other parts of the body. Besides, hyperhidrosis can be categorized into two types:

Primary Hyperhidrosis

This is the most typical type of hyperhidrosis and is usually restricted to particular body parts, inclusive of those mentioned above. The kind of primary hyperhidrosis is frequently inherited and develops without an underlying medical condition. Additionally, it is often treated to lessen the amount of dampness the patient feels because it is typically brought on by overactive nerves. 

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

In contrast, secondary hyperhidrosis is less common and is frequently associated with an underlying medical condition. It can affect the entire body, leading to excessive sweating as a result of an underlying health problem, such as hormonal imbalances, infections, menopause, or medications. Secondary hyperhidrosis can be brought on by illnesses like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and specific neurological conditions. 

two types of hyperhidrosis

There are two common types of excessive sweating

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The triggers lead to excessive sweating

Many people discover that regular activities can also produce hyperhidrosis, even though stressful situations frequently generate excessive sweating. Among these causes are: Alcohol, caffeine, work out, spicy food, hot environment, etc.

Moreover, the eccrine sweat, which comes from the head, torso and limbs and regulates body temperature, is distinct from this apocrine sweat. As a result, botulinum toxin for sweat reduction purposefully does not affect the glands that control body temperature. 

The areas that can be treated for excessive sweating

Only a few regions on a patient may be targeted since treatments for hyperhidrosis have to make sure that eccrine sweat glands are not harmed. At TAEGA, we only manage botulinum toxin for treatment of underarm, hand hyperhidrosis.

botulinum toxin for sweat gland reduction melbourne

Botulinum toxin for sweat gland reduction Melbourne

How much does Botulinum toxin for Hyperhidrosis cost?

The price of the injection for excessive sweating will vary depending on how much product you need to get the results you want.


How soon after the treatment may I anticipate results?

After receiving hyperhidrosis injections, patients can typically expect to see noticeable results within a few days to a week, with full effects becoming evident within about two weeks. The duration of the result will have some side effects such as swelling, redness, and bruising. Besides, it is essential to get in touch with your treating physician if you encounter symptoms that fall outside of the restrictions. 

At what age can you get Botulinum toxin for sweat reduction?

The age at which someone might think about getting botulinum toxin for excessive perspiration can vary. Although there isn’t a set age limit, it is generally recommended for individuals who have reached the age of 18 or older. This is caused by a number of elements, including safety concerns and the typical age at which hyperhidrosis first manifests itself. 

Safe hyperhidrosis Botulinum toxin at TAEGA Melbourne

The success and satisfaction of the treatment can be greatly impacted by selecting the best facility for hyperhidrosis medication. TAEGA is an outstanding option for a number of compelling factors. First and foremost, TAEGA is home to a group of medical experts with extensive training and expertise that focus on treating hyperhidrosis. Our knowledge guarantees that patients get the greatest care and treatment options suited to their requirements. Moreover, TAEGA is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, providing patients with the latest and most effective treatment options available.

botulinum toxin for underarm sweating melbourne taega

Choosing botulinum toxin for underarm sweating Melbourne at TAEGA

Additionally, TAEGA is known for its patient-centric approach. We prioritize open communication, patient education, and a supportive environment that puts individuals at ease. Patients can expect a thorough consultation, where the healthcare professionals take the time to understand their unique situation, concerns, and expectations. 

If you’re seeking effective and compassionate hyperhidrosis treatment, TAEGA is a reliable choice. Please directly call us on 04 3420 4430 or make an appointment right away.