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PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial Folds: Produces, before and after results

PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial Folds are basically a new and innovative type of facelift. It serves a similar purpose in that it is meant to make the facial skin look younger and more beautiful. Some patients, though, have several inquiries concerning this course of treatment. However, Mono Threads aren’t painful at all and do not leave scars on the patient. The look of Nasolabial folds, especially, improves instantly as a result of the thread’s dynamic elevation.

How does a thread PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial Folds work?

Thread fillers create volume due to their construction and by activating collagen synthesis in the skin. Furthermore, the distinct structure of several fibers creates a space for newly formed collagen to accumulate. As a result, we get a long-lasting volumizing effect that we can use on nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

thread fillers create newly formed collagen

Thread fillers create newly formed collagen

What are the benefits of PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial folds?

PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial folds increase skin thickness, which is often beneficial in visually reversing the signs of aging, lifestyle-related skin thinning, or collagen damage. In our clinical experience, Mono Threads impart a glow to the skin that appears very healthy and natural. This is most commonly used on the face, but it can also be used to rebuild lost skin value.

pdo mono nasolabial folds increase skin thickness

PDO Mono Nasolabial folds increase skin thickness

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What is involved in this treatment? 

On the first appointment, the doctor will complete a consultation where you will discuss your concerns and treatment goals. This will let you know what treatment is suitable for you. Before the treatment, numbing cream will be applied to the area for about 20 – 30 minutes.

The procedure involves inserting anywhere from 20 to 100 threads during the procedure. The Nasolabial folds appear better right away because of the mechanical lift that the threads provide. The appearance of the folds is lessened by raising and tightening the skin.

Note: This treatment is not suitable for those who are not comfortable with needles.

pdo mono thread treatment can be done on the same day

PDO Mono Thread treatment can be done on the same day

Reviewing collagen threads before and after 

This patient receives youthful and natural-looking results after getting treatment at TAGEA. Mono Thread can enhance the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture by stimulating collagen, specifically for nasolabial folds.

before and after collagen threads at taega

Before and after Collagen threads


Who qualifies to get Mono Threads nasolabial folds?

Most skin types and conditions can be treated without risk. Anyone who wants to achieve glowing skin with improved texture and fine lines can benefit from this treatment. Please keep in mind that this filler is not a skin-lifting procedure, so patients who have excessive volume loss and sagginess of the facial tissue may need to consider other treatment options.

How long will the results of the treatment stay?

The treatment (PDO Mono Threads Nasolabial folds) begins to be affectionate once they are placed in the skin; they dissolve throughout 3 to 6 months, and the effect lasts for 12 months depending on the condition.

Aftercare for Mono PDO Threads Nasolabial Folds?

Most of our patients can return to work three days after treatment, on average. However, for at least two weeks following treatment, we advise our patients to schedule their appointments so that they do not coincide with significant social events and to try to keep facial movement to a minimum, especially excessive movements! This is extremely important. Be aware of your facial movements when eating or cooking, talking, yawning, or smiling.

PDO Mono Nasolabial Folds Melbourne cost?

Depending on the indication for treatment and the number of threads needed for best results, the cost varies. A full quote will be provided upon consultation. You can locate our price list with a complete list of treatments.