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Profhilo Treatment – A new generation of Skin Booster

Due to the effects of aging, it is necessary to have a Profhilo treatment to restore youth. To help more people become aware of the advantages of Profhilo treatment. We also provide a natural treatment that will make your skin softer and more hydrated, which can help with these aging symptoms.

What is the Profhilo treatment?

Profhilo treatment is a new bio-remodeling injectable used for laxity remodeling of the face.

The production of collagen and elastin is stimulated by the release of hyaluronic acid (HA), which enhances skin tone, hydration, and the appearance of fine lines rather than simply filling in and plumping up wrinkles. In addition, it aims to improve the skin’s overall appearance and quality, particularly on the hands, neck, and face. 

profhilo facial laxity remodeling

Profhilo facial laxity remodelin

Benefits of Bio-Remodeling treatments for your appearance

The treatment improves skin tone, texture, hydration, and overall radiance. It can help to improve and restore skin firmness, as well as promote healthier and softer-looking skin. This is most commonly used on the face, but it can also be used to reconstruct lost-value skin on the face and neck area.

profhilo injection points you should know

Profhilo injection points you should know

Who is Bio-remodelling suitable for?

Profhilo is suitable for both men and women with mild to moderate signs of aging skin. It is highly recommended for patients aged 30 – 50, who wish to improve tone, skin laxity, elasticity, fine lines, and hydration. 

Because it takes time to see results, it is usually recommended for those over the age of 25 to get the best smoothness and hydration the first time. Profhilo’s injection process has been meticulously designed and clinically tested for maximum efficiency and client comfort. This method allows for minimal injection sites with minimal tissue distension or irritation, minimizing risks and downtime.

profhilo is appropriate for both genders

Profhilo is appropriate for both genders

What is the difference between Profhilo and Dermal fillers? 

Both injectable treatments contain hyaluronic acid. To produce beautiful results, Profhilo fillers and Dermal fillers work very differently. Whereas Dermal filler is injected to enhance specific areas such as the lips and cheeks, it typically does not migrate to the surrounding skin and instead develops naturally facial structure to produce more angular results. 

However, bio-remodelling treatment (Profhilo) is unique in that it contains only hyaluronic acid and is composed of a completely natural skin substance that blends seamlessly into our skin and distributes itself evenly. The treatment helps to retain moisture levels in the skin while increasing the production of collagen and elastin, two essential skin proteins, to refresh the skin from the inside out.

Profhilo fillers and Dermal fillers function differently

Profhilo fillers and Dermal fillers function differently