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Lip Injections – Lip Enhancement – Dermal Lip Fillers Melbourne

The pursuit of larger, more luscious lips has become extremely trendy in the aesthetics industry. In Melbourne, dermal lip fillers have taken over as the preferred method of lip augmentation. Injectable fillers are used during lip augmentation procedures to increase the volume to your lips and give them a more refreshed, youthful, and seductive appearance.

What are Lip Injections?

Dermal lip fillers Melbourne often known as lip injections, are non-surgical cosmetic procedures designed to augment and enhance the appearance of the lips. They involve injecting a specialized gel-like substance into the lips, providing natural volume, shape, and a smoother contour. Moreover, lips asymmetry, creating larger and more defined lips, and minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth are all common uses for fillers.

lip fillers assist to retain moisture and add volume

Lip fillers Melbourne assist to retain moisture and add volume

How does the Dermal Filler function?

In order to add volume and hydration to specific areas of the lips, the process of treatment will happen as other dermal fillers. Firstly, a healthcare provider injects the chosen filler substance into the targeted area. At TAEGA, we mostly use Botulinum toxin or Dysport to plump up the treated region. Then, the result of lip fillers is typically noticeable immediately after the procedure. The initial swelling is a natural response to the injections and should subside over the first few days. Besides, dermal fillers enable accurate and individualized results, the technique can be customized to enhance lips, fill in lines and wrinkles, or shape face features. The majority of dermal fillers only have short-term effects about 6 to 12 months. 

the function of dermal lip fillers

TAEGA – Dermal fillers melbourne offer lip fillers

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Benefits of Lip Fillers Melbourne

For people who seek to fill their naturally thin, more sensual appearance, or some people would like to eliminate tiny wrinkles around or on their lips. Dermal fillers are the perfect answer, furthermore, they give several benefits:

  • Better lip symmetry and shape: Lip fillers Melbourne can be utilized to reshape and define the lips, correcting irregular lip contour, unevenness, and asymmetry.
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles: Fillers can help reduce the appearance of “lipstick lines” and “smoker’s lines”, which are fine lines that surround the lips. The filler gives the area more volume, which lessens the prominence of these lines.
  • Improved facial harmony: Proportionately balanced Lips will help create a more harmonious facial look, which will enhance the aesthetic of the entire face.
  • Non-surgical option: This treatment offers a minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative to surgical lip augmentation. This eliminates the need for incisions, anesthesia, or a protracted healing process, making it a practical choice for many people.
  • Quick procedure: Depending on the degree of enhancement needed, lip filler procedures are usually completed within 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Minimal downtime: While there may be some initial swelling or bruising, there is normally very little downtime following lip filler injections, allowing people to resume their regular activities fairly quickly.

advantages of lip fillers

Numerous advantages of lip fillers treatment

Who should use Dermal Lip Fillers Melbourne?

As previously mentioned, patients who wish to enhance and address specific cosmetics concerns, such as one lip that is thinner or less defined than the other, having wrinkles around the lips, and people concerned about aging signs that may experience a loss of lip volume. 


What should I do to get ready for Lip Injections?

It’s crucial to get ready for lip injections to ensure a good and secure treatment. To prepare for the treatment, you should follow these steps:

  • Review medical history: Be ready to discuss your medical history, including any allergies, illnesses, or prescription drugs you are taking at the moment. To ensure your safety during the treatment, your provider needs this information.
  • Avoid blood-thinning drugs: It’s important to stay away from drugs and supplements that can thin the blood in the days before your lip filler session, including aspirin, and some vitamins. These may raise the chance of bleeding and bruising when the procedure is being done.
  • Hydrate: On the day before your session, staying well-hydrated can help lower the chance of bruising and improve the results. Dehydration might increase a person’s risk of bruising.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine: It’s best to abstain from alcohol and caffeine for the 24 hours before your session since they may cause dehydration and heightened sensitivity.
  • Arrive with clean lips: On the day of the procedure, arrive with free-makeup lips. Before administering the injections, your doctor will thoroughly clean the region.

After getting lip fillers Melbourne, how should I take care of my lips?

To promote a quick recovery and maximize the effects of the lip fillers, it’s essential to take care of your lip afterward. Here are a few suggestions for aftercare:

    • Avoid touching or pressing: After the operation, it’s vital to avoid touching or pressing your lips because doing so could cause the filler to migrate and perhaps result in uneven distribution. Pay attention to this, especially in the beginning.
    • Apply Ice: Ice or a cold compress can be used to ease pain and swelling in the treated region. Apply it gently multiple times throughout the day for 10-15 minutes at a time using a clean towel or an ice pack that has been wrapped.
    • Take Over-the-counter Painkillers: As instructed by your healthcare professional, you can take over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen if you feel slight discomfort or swelling. Aspirin should be avoided, though, as it can make you more prone to bleeding.
    • Protect your lips from the sun: Sun exposure can be damaging to the skin, including the lips. Use a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from UV rays if you plan to go outside.
  • Maintain proper hygiene: For the first 24 hours, avoid applying cosmetics or lip products to the treated area of your lips and keep them clean. 

things to take care after lip fillers

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and take notes the things to take care after the procedure

Does it hurt?

The level of pain or discomfort experienced during lip fillers Melbourne injections can vary from person to person. However, many individuals describe the sensation as relatively mild and tolerant. In some cases, a local anesthetic may be used to further minimize pain. This can involve a dental block or nerve block, which numbs the entire lips.

How long does it last?

The type of filler used, individual metabolism, and how your body naturally breaks down the filler material are just a few of the variables that might affect how long lip filler results last. The effects of dermal lip fillers usually remain for 6 to 12 months as mentioned before. 

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

Dermal fillers can be safe when administered by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional.