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What are Dermal Cheek fillers Melbourne? Get a refreshed face with this treatment

Cheek fillers Melbourne are small enhancements of gel that are designed to enhance your natural face shape with restore in the volume surrounding your cheekbones as well as improve the appearance of tired-looking eyes and sagging skin. Finding the exact location to achieve a natural is crucial. These treatments are customized to your specific facial features while avoiding overfilling.

What happens to Cheeks with age?

With the natural aging process, your cheeks lose their volume and projection and start to sag over time. This is due to your skull, the bony platform of your face, shrinking, and your fat pads and other soft tissues descending. As a result, the cheeks on your face move forward and downward. Loss of cheek volume and projection can add years to your appearance by affecting other areas of your face.

Cheek filler in Melbourne increases volume

Cheek filler in Melbourne increases volume

What is involved in the Cheek fillers Melbourne treatment?

Non-surgical dermal cheek fillers Melbourne treatment involves using a small needle or cannula to fill non- non-permanent gel. It’s a technique that adds both volume and shape to your cheek, so your face looks natural and fresh. Your face is thoroughly cleansed before treatment. Our doctor will numb your cheeks with ice or a small amount of local anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. With minimal treatment taking 30 – 60 minutes for cheek fillers, you can usually leave the clinic and go about your day. You may experience some bruising and everyone will experience some swelling, so if you are concerned, schedule your treatment around your social schedule.

cheek enhancement in melbourne with a natural appearance

Cheek enhancement in Melbourne with a natural appearance

What are the benefits of Cheek fillers?

The purpose of cheek fillers is to add volume to the cheeks. The fillers can help balance out facial features and create a more harmonious appearance that can be particularly beneficial for those with asymmetrical features or facial sagging. Furthermore, by providing a non-surgical solution for facial rejuvenation, cheek fillers can assist individuals in achieving their desired appearance with minimal downtime and recovery.

Dermal cheek fillers enhance customers' looks
Dermal cheek fillers enhance customers’ looks


Is it safe to use Cheek fillers Melbourne?

Absolutely yes. Dermal cheek fillers Melbourne has been on the aesthetics market for years and is approved for use as an injectable, and with our training and expertise, you couldn’t be in safer hands for your treatment.

How much filler do you need?

This is determined by several factors, including the extent of the volume loss, the patient’s goal, and the facial proportions. Generally, 1-2 ml of filler is typically used, but a more accurate assessment will be discussed at your initial appointment.

Is the resultant outcome natural after treatment?

Clinics will ensure that customers will look natural and refreshed without feeling artificial. To begin, doctors will carefully assess your face and identify your unique cheek filler requirements. Additionally, because  cheek fillers Melbourne treatments are individualized based on our thorough understanding of the distinctions between male and female cheek augmentation, you will look your most youthful and natural while maintaining your gender identity.

How much do Cheek Fillers cost?

Depending on your supplier, the filler may not be the only price. There may be an additional payment if many places are treated if you require specific aftercare, and so on. All of these fees will be incorporated into the final price. Check out our price list for more information.